Meshes of the Afternoon

December 7th, 2010

This was my second time seeing “Meshes of the Afternoon”, I had watched it before in another media class, I think also as an example of films that experimented with a different style of narrative.

The best thing about this movie, to me, is that it captures the essence of being in a dream so well. In our dreams things often repeat but we don’t neccessarily notice it as strange at all. The woman in this film is consantly going over the same actions, picking up the flower, running up the stairs, taking the key out of her mouth, and ect., yet each time she doesn’t seemed confused as to why she keeps perfoming the same actions or why she would do these things in the first place. We rarely question things when we dream, and we don’t realise how strange or unrealistic it was until we wake up and attempt to recall it.

Dreams can also often be very disorienting. I know I often have dreams in which I seem to trip over a lot or can’t walk properly, or have some other type of disturbance involving normal motorary functions. Sometimes my body even jults, if I’m not 100% asleep and I’m dreaming that I’ve fallen or something. In this film, the woman has trouble walking up the stairs, the oblique camera angle shows us this along with her slow struggling movements and she attempts to climb up. To me this segement expresses just about perfectly how I often feel when dreaming, the simplest everyday actions sometimes seem so difficult.

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